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AFC Staff: From left to right:

Lynnette Granger CPhT,

Rebecca Vahlbusch CPhT,

 Jennifer Pemberton RPh,

and Candi Kline


Our goal at Union Prescription Center is to provide your facility with expert medical advice, quality prescription care, and availability.  Our knowledge, experience and focus on personal service will simplify the prescription process for you and allow you to place your attention on the needs and care of your residents.  We pride ourselves on working closely with you, the doctors and their staff, and the insurance companies to supply you with the best service possible.

AFC Services Include:

Free Delivery Monday through Saturday

Bubble/Blister packaging for safe, easy, and sanitary dispensing of medications

GCCMH approved MARS for easy and accurate documentation of dispensed medications

Automatic monthly batch fills-delivered same time each month

Refill due reports-ensuring no interruption in drug therapy

Home Healthcare supplies readily available

Clozaril (clozapine) registered pharmacy

Returns-safe disposal of discontinued medications, (credit if applicable) for medications returned within 30 days

We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, and are well versed in Medicare Part D coverage and workman’s comp cases.




Store Hours and Info

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